05 Nov 2014
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

University of Calgary, Downtown Campus Event Centre
906 8th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 1H9

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The US Midterm Election: Heading Into Obama’s Last Two Years

On November 4, Americans head back to the polls to decide which party will control the Senate and the House of Representatives during Barack Obama’s last two years as President.  It could be a big day for the Republican Party, as most forecasters are predicting they will win a majority of seats in the Senate.  If that happens, Obama could face even more serious challenges getting his agenda passed before he leaves office in 2017.  
What do the election results mean for Canada-US energy cooperation?  Border and security management? US foreign policy?  And the fate of the US economy?  How will the results shape the 2016 presidential race?  
On November 5, join The School of Public Policy and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute for a panel discussion on the outcome and its implications for Canada.  Former Democratic Governor Howard Dean and veteran Republican strategist Ron Kaufman will join the discussion along with the SPP’s Ian Brodie and CDFAI’s Colin Robertson.  The discussion will be moderated by CBC Eyeopener host David Grey.
17 Nov 2014
Monday, November 17, 2014

The Omni King Edward Hotel
37 King Street E,
Toronto, Ontario 
M5C 1E9

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The Stock Market We Can’t See: The Exempt Market and Its Regulation

We all know about the stock market. Trillions of dollars of money in a highly regulated, transparent trading environment that helps fuel corporate growth. But there is another, larger source of that growth. The “exempt market”. You may know it from the $10,000 you invested in your brother’s new start-up company, with only a small application form to fill out. You may not know that the exempt market is BIGGER than the traditional stock market. So more money is being invested in a largely unregulated market, than in the traditional one.

Governments have taken note. And regulators are promising to crack down on this less regulated market with stricter controls, and smaller investing limits. With the amount of money at stake, investors and businesses are right to ask, “Do the regulators know what they are getting into?”

The School of Public Policy intends to answer that question. On November 17, please join us for lunch with an expert panel discussion. Leading authority in corporate finance and performance, Dr. Vijay Jog will start off the discussion with excerpts from his upcoming paper, “Exempt Markets in Canada – Empirics, Observations and Recommendations”. He will be joined by the former Chair of the Ontario Securities Commission Ed Waitzer, along with the N. Murray Edwards Chair in Business Law, Bryce Tingle. The discussion will be moderated by The School of Public Policy’s Jack Mintz.

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