Program Courses

Term 2 Courses (Winter Term)

PPOL 613 - Effective Writing and Research Skills- January Block Week Course

  1. PPOL 615 - Public Finances: This course is intended to familiarize students with government finances and the restrictions on policy choices resulting from the need for governments to satisfy a budget constraint. Tax policy, the appropriate design of expenditure policies, policies with respect to deficits and debt, and issues of intergovernmental relations will be examined.
  2. PPOL 617 - Regulation and the Law: The role of international and national legal institutions in determining public policy choices. Legal research and interpretation skills are developed through specific public policy issues such as the design of market regulation in telecommunications, energy and various utility markets.
  3. PPOL 619 - Governance, Institutions and Public Policy: In this course students examine the rules and informal relationships among those determining public policy outcomes. Alternative institutional relationships and the evolution of those relationships are studied. The ever-changing dynamic of multi-level governance and court versus legislative public policy making are explored.
  4. Elective Course.
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