Program Courses

Term 1 Courses (Fall Term)

  1. PPOL 605 - Markets and Public Policy: This course examines the role of markets in the allocation of resources and the determination of income. Sources of market failure, and the appropriate public policy response to those failures, are examined. Students learn how private firms make decisions, and how they respond to policy initiatives.
  2. PPOL 607 - Politics and Collective Choice: This course examines how public policy issues emerge and how they are developed, refined, and influenced by the political process. The roles and influences of NGOs, interest groups, the media, political parties, and social protest on the development of new public policies are examined from the perspective of several disciplines. The importance of agenda setting, management and planning, policy reform and the organizational resistance to change is examined. Models of rational actors and bureaucratic behaviour are explored.
  3. PPOL 609 - Decision Analysis: Students learn to apply quantitative methods including cost-benefit analysis, statistical and econometric analysis of policy-relevant data, survey design and interpretation, and formal policy models based on decision theory.
  4. Elective Course.
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