Master of Public Policy (MPP)


General Fees

Full Time

Part Time

Graduate Students Association (GSA)



Group Insurance



U-Pass (transportation)



*Extended Health/Dental Insurance



Campus Recreation






Donation (optional)



Student Services Fee




$ 1,406.75/$1,354.87 Cdn

$ 431.64 Cdn


Canadian/Permanent Residents

International Students 

Program Fees (for entire program)

$20,492.88 Cdn

$30,739.35 Cdn



One half of the program fee is due at the beginning of Term 1 with the remaining one half due at the beginning of Term 2.

*Part-time students are automatically excluded from the Health and Dental Plan, but may apply to the GSA to purchase this coverage. Application must be made before the fee payment deadline.  

Note: Non Master of Public Policy program students who have obtained permission to register in MPP courses will be assessed an additional fee of $1,615.98 per course for Canadian and Permanent Residents and $2,424.02 for International students.

Note: Fees are subject to an increase each year of 2.15%. This may vary from year to year.

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