Research Data


Canadian Provincial Government Budget Data
Detailed revenue and expenditure data for Canadian provinces. Details on the sources and interpretation of these data can be found in:

Canadian Provincial Government Budget Data, 1980/81 to 2013/14
By Ronald Kneebone and Margarita Wilkins
Canadian Public Policy
Volume 42, Issue 1, March 2016.

These data will be updated annually.



Wireline Database
This summary report is a survey and compilation of performance measures, including prices, output, and quality, and metrics relevant to assessing competition, for residential local telephony and high speed internet access (broadband) in Canada. The information in the summary report is drawn from a detailed compilation of data that will be provided at this site in the near future. The authors ask that anyone using the data use the following citation;

Jeffrey Church and Andrew Wilkins, Residential Wireline Telecommunications Services in Canada: Primary Exchange Services and Broadband 2015, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, March 2015 (


Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, Medical Price List as of 01 October 2014.
A listing of billing codes and remuneration for fee-for-service physicians in the province.
Cited in: Dutton, Emery, Mullie, Zwicker 2015.



McKenzie/Crisan - Government-Owned Enterprises in Canada (February 2013) - Federal Crown Corporations

McKenzie/Crisan - Government-Owned Enterprises in Canada (February 2013) - Provincial Crown Corporations


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