• It’s Not Just About Baby Teeth

    New paper offers advice on preventing early childhood tooth decay. Read more.

  • A Major Setback for Retirement Savings

    New paper explains that changing how financial advisers are compensated could hurt less-than-wealthy investors most. Read more.

  • The Theory and Evidence Concerning Public-Private Partnerships in Canada and Elsewhere

    New paper examines the advantages and disadvantages of PPPs (Public- Private Partnerships) and offers up key policy recommendations. Read more.

  • Into the mire: A closer look at fossil fuel subsidies

    New paper examines the damaging impact of fossil fuel subsidies. Read more.

  • Interested in the Master of Public Policy degree?

    Applications are closed for Fall 2016 Admission. Applications for Fall 2017 admission will open
    October 1, 2016. Learn more.


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