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    The School of Public Policy provides a practical, global and focused perspective on public policy analysis and practice.

  • Interested in the Master of Public Policy degree?

    Applications for September 2016 admissions will open on October 1, 2015! Learn more here.

  • On Livability, Liveability and the Limited Utility of Quality-of-Life Rankings

    New paper explains why Canadian cities should ignore livability rankings. Read more.

  • Canada-Mexico Trade: An Arranged Marriage Comes of Age

    Paper discusses underutilized trade opportunities with Mexico. Read more.

  • Alternatives to Criminalizing Public Intoxication

    Paper offers advice on how to manage public drunkenness. Read more.

  • The Recession's Impact on Canada's Labour Market

    Paper offers surprising results on Canada's labour market and low unemployment rate. Read more.


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